That’s how you make a star wars special edition

That’s how you make a star wars special edition

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Praise it 🙌


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"The Blue Room"

Photographer: Steven Ledell

Model: Ms Tea

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Julio Cortázar disfrazado de vampiro junto a Gabriel García Márquez.

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yes this was very educating for everyone involved.

Welcome friends and enemies. B9 Kingdom has a new store open up at Topatoco, where you can get some excellent art books from excellent artists. Never forget that. Never forget that good art is just a click away. Please consider helping that art out.

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Felicia Porter

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One of my other clients referred this one to me.

Client: Do you think we can meet?

Me: Sure, I’m available after 6:00pm.

Client: Okay, come by to my house at 5:00pm.

For the record, he lives over an hour away.

Me: I said I’m available after 6:00pm.

Client: Okay, well, why don’t you come to my house at 5:00pm, and then I’ll drive you home.

At this point the whole “come to my house” thing started sounding a little weird to me.

Me: I think we better meet at a middle point, let’s say the coffee shop around the subway station. It’ll have to be after 6:00pm.

Client: Okay, sounds good. I’ll pick you up at the coffee shop and we can come to my house.

Me: Sorry, but I have to ask - why do you want me to come to your house?

Client: … I’ll call you next week to set another meeting.

The client never called me or emailed me again.

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nurdsite replied to your post: I picture some people on tumblr like sharks…waiting, all that inner rage contained, alert to even the faintest smell of opinions

You just described the internets, sir. Tumblr is just one stop on the grumpy superhighway of humans.


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