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Yeah okay Abe

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"The Captain is Ready to See You Now" by Dave Bardin.  

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Spread #1 (2014)

Story: Justin Jordan, art: Kyle Strahm

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The Vision

Created by Daniel Murray


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Rumor Control: Batman’s New Batsuit WAS NOT at Comic-Con

Because we live in a world of constant bullshit rumors which also coincides nicely with the rise of easy-to-share social networking, it is up to blogs like us to try to be diligent and guide you toward the truth. So here it is. The new batsuit wasn’t at Comic-Con. The cowl was. 

The first photo in this set is of the new Batman cowl from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice taken by twitter user dan didio at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. It is real and on display. Awesome right? The 2nd image is just to show you that images 1 & 3 are the same. The last image in this set is a photoshopped batsuit and is not on display at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. It just isn’t real. Sorry. 

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