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Shotgun and Sword Cane by St. Etienne

  • Dated: circa 1880
  • Culture: French
  • Measurements: Cane: 35 7/8” length. Blade: 24” length 

This incredibly rare French weapon cane by St. Etienne conceals both a shotgun and a large blade. The ultimate tool in discreet self-defense, this fascinating walking stick reveals a two-foot blade with a pull of the L-form handle. Remove the blade attachment and the cane turns into a shotgun, complete with a cartridge extractor attached to the ferrule.

Source: Copyright © 2014 M.S. Rau Antiques

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Bottomless and badass, this babe means business.

Model: Dezi Desire
Photographer: Black Opal Images

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Ultimate Weapon

by Joel Hustak

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~* Axe *~


~* Axe *~

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