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The hypostyle hall of the Hathor Temple at Dendera, Egypt.

The first hypostyle hall within the Temple of Hathor contains sandstone columns with Hathor head capitals. This hall was built during the Ptolemaic period, and was later decorated during the Roman period. The name of Roman emperor Claudius appears on the columns, and Nero on the walls. 

Gay Robins (in The Art of Ancient Egypt, page 231) discusses the decoration of the columns themselves:

The columns display the three fields into which temple decoration was divided. At the bottom are three registers of emblematic groups. A horizontal band of text divides them from the main area showing ritual interactions between the king and deities. This is separated by another band of text from further registers of emblematic figures at the top. 

Photos taken by Kyera Giannini, via the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World.

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Real 3D turned into 2D by Alexa Meade

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Yoan Capote

You should get that looked upon

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Abrazo. Carboncillo acuarelable.


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Selfie by Giuseppe Veneziano

Selfie by Giuseppe Veneziano

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That thick thigh club

Today’s little project was fun

This is lovely!! Wonderful rendering with the colored pencil. Your sketching quality is beautiful and reminds me of mine in a way with certain subjects :) 

Your art tag also contained many of my favorite painters and their work as I was scrolling through and I shed a tear or two :’) 

Thank you! I appreciate the fact that you even took the time to look at my art, I went through a little bout of artist’s funk and loss of confidence (like any artist). Also good to know you have good taste ;)

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