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Yoan Capote

You should get that looked upon

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Abrazo. Carboncillo acuarelable.


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Selfie by Giuseppe Veneziano

Selfie by Giuseppe Veneziano

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That thick thigh club

Today’s little project was fun

This is lovely!! Wonderful rendering with the colored pencil. Your sketching quality is beautiful and reminds me of mine in a way with certain subjects :) 

Your art tag also contained many of my favorite painters and their work as I was scrolling through and I shed a tear or two :’) 

Thank you! I appreciate the fact that you even took the time to look at my art, I went through a little bout of artist’s funk and loss of confidence (like any artist). Also good to know you have good taste ;)

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If Paintings Could Text is a new Tumblr project that merges classic paintings with epic texts.

see the project

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Contemporary glass artist Jeff Zimmerman born in Kentucky 1968, creates colorful, organic sculptures that exploit advanced glassmaking techniques - disquieting and spinning, his sculptures call attention to the inherent mutability of the world. Today his award-winning works are presented in galleries and museums around the world.

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