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Penny Byrne.

Melbourne, Australia based visual artist Penny Byrne creates powerful political messages using vintage porcelain figurines and found objects. These darkly humorous figurines span a range of issue such as global politics, pop culture, and the environment. A well respected ceramics conservator, Byrnes meticulously forges her wonderfully twisted figurines with great precision.

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Standby for Life-Sized Titanfall Titan

by Daniels Wood Land

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Liu Yen-Chen.

Beyond the Look of Eyes

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Storyboard artist and scribbler Marty Cooper uses sharpies and white out to draw mischievous cartoon characters on transparent film, which enables him to pose and photograph them interacting with the real world in all sorts of unexpected ways. By playing with perspective Cooper’s drawings sometimes appear to be both giant - like the polar bear scratching his back on the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco - and tiny - like an anthropomorphic banana hitching a ride on a llama.

Check out lots more of Marty Cooper’s playful creations by following him here on Tumblr or over on Instagram.

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Life Size Origami Elephant by Sipho Mabona

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Social Media Illustrations by Ivan Belikov

Artist: Behance / Tumblr / Dribbble (via: lacarpa)

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Selected works from artist on tumblr miguel almagro a.k.a. krakj!.

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