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Matthew John Frith a.k.a. Matt Frith

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Previous Artist Feature: Neorice

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The Order: 1886 Collector’s and Premium Edition Statue

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 System Shock 2 Custom Shodan PC Case

by Tom Mer

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How to complete Snake.

How to complete Snake.

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video games have given me an unrealistic view of how easy it is to run across european rooftops

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Me during Steam Sales

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Real gaming problems

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I present to you, the internet, my latest painting.. Gordon Freeman riding a bear.

Why? Because fuck yeah Gordon.

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facebook really does have a tendency to make ppl show their true colours lmao
and no im not erasing the names they commented on a public page boohoo

Cry some more, idiots.

The reason for companies standing up against issues like this is because they are shockingly run by human beings.

Human beings that either see that nobody listens to victims, or are victims themselves.

People look up to bioware. They are using their platform for good, and as someone who has felt alone as fuck, I thank them. I applaud them. Being good human beings is more important than your shitty bropinion, and they clearly give zero shits about your “Wah wah I will unfollow” posts.

This is why I will always prefer bioware. They are a group of truly wonderful people, and I applaud the company as a whole for speaking out about such “controversial” topics.

Bioware are not perfect but dammit if they don’t try do good, not many gaming companies do.

I wasn’t aware being against sexual assault and/or any comment on it was a some sort of “political agenda” or “sjw propaganda”

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